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For over 10 years, Stelobrook Homes has been building custom built homes in Sarnia, Ontario. We focus on the homeowner, gathering an understanding of the needs and desires of the family and building to suit. Our reputation is quality, craftsmanship, and building not only quality homes but relationships with our customers.


Just like building a home, each relationship starts with a foundation. We believe that your home starts beyond building just walls but building a solid relationship with you, the community, the suppliers and contractors. This helps us ensure that each home is built with pride and the utmost quality. Also by building these relationships, we have been able to streamline the process to make your buying experience as stress free as possible. 


All new Stelobrook Homes are covered under the TARION New Home Warranty. The information below details what is covered under the warranty. More information can be found on the Tarion site which contains details of the warranty and useful information on buying a new home.


“We here at Stelobrook Homes provide you with a hands-on building experience.

We believe in giving you the highest standards in design, craftsmanship, and service.  Our goal is to make your home building experience the best as possible with integrity and exceptional work ethic.  

We build your home like it is our own.” 


As soon as you sign an Agreement of Purchase and Sale with a builder, your new home is covered under warranty. The following is a brief summary of your warranty coverage.

This summary applies generally to freehold homes purchased from a builder including, for example, a single family detached home, a semi-detached home, a unit in a row house or a unit in a duplex.

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